You can go for a defender or Africa styled tire cover

How to Pick the Right Spare Tire Cover for my Land Rover

The purpose of a spare tire cover is to protect your spare tire, so you do not find it damaged or non-functioning at the time of an emergency or when you need it. You can choose from several types of tire covers of different materials, colors, designs, and prints. There are modern designs as well as vintage designs available. A bare tire at the back of a land rover does not look pretty. The tire covers give your land rover a stylish and cool look. If you choose the right one that compliments the model and the color of your rover, it is sure to make people look up to you when selecting their spare tire covers. Whichever cover you choose, make sure you clean it regularly and maintain it to make it last longer. Let us discuss how to pick the right spare tire cover for your land rover.

Make Sure it Fulfills its Main Objective

The main purpose of a spare tire cover is to provide the tire with protection. Getting a thin cover for the spare tire of your Land Rover or one that does not repel ultraviolet rays will not effectively shield your spare tire. Whether it is made up of plastic, vinyl, or fabric, it should be sturdy and tough. Otherwise, your spare tire can get damaged, and wind, heat, sunlight, rain, dirt, and snow can harm it, decreasing its lifespan.

Choose a Style of Your Preference

We all have our own different tastes for everything. When it comes to choosing a spare tire cover for your stylish land rover, it should reflect your personality and the personality of your vehicle. The color should complement the body paint of your monster, and the design should be reflective of who you are. Some people prefer text, while others prefer an abstract design. If you use your rover for off-roading or tough running, you can go for a Rhino or Alligator design. You can choose from both modern and vintage designs. Some have pop-up colors, while some are pretty serious-looking. The material the cover is made up of and its texture play a major role in what feeling it gives off. We have some antique designs as well as some really fun and funky ones. The two main categories of the designs are the defender style and the Africa style. It really depends on your taste and preference which one you go for.

Make Sure it is the Right Size

All spare tires are not of the same size. The same goes for spare tire covers. It is crucial that you measure the exact size of your tire before you order one for your Land Rover. A cover that is smaller than your spare tire will not fit it and get loose and stretchy if you somehow manage to put it on. It will lose its protective qualities, and your tire will get damaged. If you order a cover that is bigger than your tire, it will not properly fit and will be loose. This will also cause it to be ineffective in guarding your spare tire, and your money will go to waste.
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