What is a Wheel Drape or Shade?

What is a Wheel Drape? Normally, Wheel Drapes are used as a Storage Wheel cover. Sometimes called a Wheel Cover. TO place fabric over something: hang a piece of fabric over something so that it falls in folds around it or covers it. To me, Wheel Drapes, shades are just that. They go over a tire, but not around it. Their purpose is to protect tires that are parked for a long time as when an RV is in storage from the elements and the sun. 

Benefits of Using Wheel Drapes

Using a wheel drape for a storage tire cover has many benefits. If you opt for a drape to put on your wheel that is made from a heat repelling fabric, it protects your tire from getting heated up. You can purchase and install wheel drapes yourself on your tires to prolong their life. Even if your car is parked inside a garage, the tires still depreciate over time. Many car owners often park their cars for a whole season, especially RV owners. This causes the tires to get weak.

They are easy to install and usually come with a spring steel ring to keep the drape securely attached to the tire by sliding over and holding it. It is crucial that you measure the tire size before you order wheel drapes so that it protects the tires efficiently and effectively. You can use wheel drapes for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in different materials, and you can choose one according to the environment where your tires will be stored.


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