What is a Tire Cover?

What is a Tire Cover?

A spare tire cover or spare tire cover is an accessory that covers the spare wheel mounted on external part of a SUV or van. A spare tire cover protects spare tires from the dirt and the sun’s harmful UV rays in areas with many days of sunshine.

I first saw Tire Covers in the 60’ts, mostly on VW Vans. 1960 Hippie Van, Usually plain black or white. Then all of a sudden the hippie generation decided this is a tier new billboard to paint on. I got started making tire covers about 1973 for the new custom van market. My first print was a stencil of the Play Boy Bunny Rabbit and boy did I think that I was cool. Here I am 40 years latter and still making tire covers. Some people even call me Mr. Tire Cover….

Benefits of using a Tire Cover

Sunlight gives off Ultra Violet (UV) rays that can damage the rubber of your spare tire. While your vehicle is parked, or running the heat and UV rays get absorbed by the tire and make its life short. The structural soundness of the tires is further decremented by other atmospheric elements. The result of that can be that when one of your regular tires pops and you replace it with your spare tire, it also bursts, causing you trouble and additional costs. A good-quality tire cover can extend the life of a tire by up to 5 years.

A bare spare tire hitched onto the back of your vehicle does not offer any aesthetic value. If it is dirty, it can ruin the whole look of your ride. Tire covers are easy to clean, and you can buy them in designs and prints that you prefer. There are different styled and themed tire covers available in the market that are designed to give your car the cool look that it deserves. Our spare tire covers are highly durable and long-lasting. You can choose from a variety of styles, including:

  • Seasonal and Holiday Tire Covers

  • Gift Card Tire Covers

  • Smart Buyers Plain Tire Covers

  • Horse Print Tire Covers

  • Rodeo Style Tire Covers

  • Scenic Views Tire Covers

  • Pirates and Skull Tire Covers

  • Beach Tire Covers

  • Girlie Girls Tire Covers

  • Image Tire Covers

  • Military Tire Covers, etc.

You can even design your own tire covers on our website. We have spare tire covers for all the different kinds of vehicles, including:


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