Reasons why RV Spare Tire Covers are Important

Reasons why RV Spare Tire Covers are Important

All RV owners, whether they have got a camper, motorhome, popup, coach, caravan, or fifth-wheel trailer, just love, respect, and adore them. As the recreational vehicles take care of us, we tend to take care of them in return. Spending afternoons catering to their needs is something we enjoy more than anything. But while we care for their engine, body, and interior, do we also keep their spare tires protected? Ever wondered if spare tire covers are really important for your RVs, or are they just there for advertising the dealer? Let us take a look at the importance of spare tire covers for RVs.

RV Spare Tire Covers Shield the Tire From the Weather

Whether you live in an area that gets scorching sun rays most of the year, experiences heavy snow, or plenty of rainfall, your spare tire stays protected with a cover on it. Wind, rain, dryness, and heat all play their roles to the detriment of the tires by speeding up their wear and tear and breakdown. This happens as they dry out the rubber and damage its molecules over time. You do not initially notice it, but the tire, which does not have a cover shielding it gets prematurely cracked. So it is vital for camper owners to protect their spare tires with spare tire covers.

RV Spare Tire Covers Protect the Tire From Road Debris and Dirt

The tires of your RV accumulate a huge quantity of road dirt and debris inside them, especially the RVs that go off-road or run in the desert localities. Whenever you change the tire next, you can check for yourself how much dirt is inside it. Spare tire covers can effectively increase the life of your spare tire by quite a margin. When the debris and dirt sticks to your spare tire, it increases the deterioration rate and depreciates it much quicker. Motorhome owners can ensure the safety of their vehicle’s spare tires against dirt by adding a protective layer of the cover.

RV Spare Tire Covers Guard the Tire Against UV Rays

If you do not permanently live in your RV, it is most likely that it sits for months. The sidewalls of the tires get exposed to sunlight, the ultraviolet rays in them act quickly to harm the tire. It is not just the UV rays that break down the tire’s composition, but it is the heat from the sunlight as well. The damaging duo is especially detrimental to the spare tire of the RV as it does not flex to condition the rubber. When the bombardment of UV rays from the sun has made your tire brittle, it not only considerably decreases its life but renders it dangerous and risky to use as brittle and weak tires are prone to blowouts. By using spare tire covers, Popup camper owners can shield their spare tires from harmful ultraviolet rays.

RV Spare Tire Covers add Style to Your Vehicle

Motorhome, Popup, camper, and all RV owners pamper their vehicles with not only performance-oriented repairs and upgrades but ones that make them look handsome as well. A cool and stylish RV can make heads turn, and spare tire covers can add beauty and charm to RVs.

Our spare tire covers for RVs, Broncos, Jeeps, Land Rovers, and Trailers are durable and offer your vehicles, style, and protection. Whether you are a fan of classy vintage spare tire covers or prefer modern, cool ones, you can impress onlookers while the multiple shielding layers of our covers guard your spare tire from the surroundings for increased and well-performing life.

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