How to Order Tire Covers

How to Order Tire Covers

Article author Stephen C Foster ~ Mr. Tire Cover Picture of Mr tire Cover Make sure your tire covers shopping experience is a pleasant one by following our ordering instructions below: 1. Read the sizing information carefully. 2. Do not guess your spare tire size. Go look at the actual spare tire for size. 3. Once you have your spare tire size, go to our Spare Tire Sizes and select your ID #. 4. Write down the accurate ID # of your spare that coordinates with our own sizing table. 5. Make certain you select the correct tire cover design you desire. 6. Input accurate delivery information for your tire cover to ship without issue. 7. Remit proper payment amount. 8. If you receive an email or phone 

Choose a Credible Supplier

The first and foremost step to take in ordering spare tire covers for your vehicles is to choose a supplier that is credible and specializes in the tire covers world. We are highly experienced in this regard and only deal in durable and specially crafted and designed tire covers that provide optimum protection to tires. Our spare tire covers are made from strong materials and fabrics. Buying a low-quality tire cover will not only skip protecting your spare tire but will decay and deter in no time. We also take pride in our expert manufacturing team and special customer service that tends to your needs even after you have bought from us.

Measure Your Tire Size

Once you have decided which supplier you want to buy from, measure the size of your tire. If the tire cover is too big or too small for your tire, it will not be as effective as you would like it to be. It is crucial that your spare tire cover fits your spare tire perfectly.

Choose Your Style

There are several different styled and themed tire covers available on our website. From ‘Tuff Rosie’ to ‘Life is good in the trailer hood’ to ‘horse print’ tire cover designs, we offer a wide range of fun, stylish, cool, classic, and vintage spare tire covers that will make people on the road stop and admire the look they give off. You can choose a color that complements or contrasts your ride and a design or print that describes and represents who you are or what values you believe in. Our products are a perfect fit for a variety of vehicles, be they Jeeps, Land Rovers, RVs, Broncos, or Trailers. You can also choose whether you want a hard surface cover or a soft, fabric one.


Once you have decided on the print, material, and styles, you can select from the different types of options available. You need to select the tire size and the security system, such as anti-theft grommets, locks, and security cables, etc., you want it to come with. The parcel usually gets delivered within two days and includes care and installation guides.

Install and Enjoy

Following the installation guide that comes with the package, you can easily install the cover on the spare tire of your vehicle. Once you have, you can be worry-free as your spare tire is secure and protected. Ride on and enjoy the admirable looks of the people passing by.

Now that you know how to order tire covers, you can visit our website to be a part of different tire covers clubs and contact us for any information you need about spare tire covers.


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