Guide for Cleaning and Protection of Your Jeep Spare Tire Cover

Guide for Cleaning and Protection of Your Jeep Spare Tire Cover

A spare tire cover requires regular and proper maintenance, protection, and cleaning in order for them to last long. They can get pretty filthy in no time and make your jeep look unclean. If you have a plastic spare tire cover, it can start cracking, and all types of covers can experience fading and dry-rotting. Some jeep covers require more protection and cleaning as they have camera holes in them. So, let us begin with the guide to clean and protect your spare tire cover easily and quickly.

Wash off the Loose Dirt

Loose dirt can accumulate on the spare tire cover in a matter of just a few days, depending on how much you run your jeep. The first step for cleaning it is to get the stuck dirt and debris off of it. You will need a soft-bristled brush for it and dish liquid soap. If you have a plastic tire cover, auto detailing brushes work better for them. Before initiating the dust clearing process, however, make sure the bristles do not have any dirt or anything else on them and are completely clean.

You can also use a car wash soap, but the wax they contain, meant to protect the vehicle’s body, can fade away the print on your tire cover and its color. For this reason, we prefer and recommend using liquid dishwashing soap. We all have it available at our homes, and they are cost-effective as well. Additionally, they clean off the wax, grease, and other such substances that

can get stuck on the tire cover, particularly well.

Clean Tough Stains and Dried Dirt

After you have removed the loose dirt, it is now time for deep cleaning. Some stains on the covers are persistent and will not get off with the dishwasher soap. If you have a canvas jeep tire cover, you need a dedicated canvas cleaner for that. The product is readily available in the market and is greatly effective. They keep the integrity of the cover intact and clean it without damaging the material. You can easily apply and rub it with a damp cloth.

Some people wash them in washing machines. If you do not have a bulky vinyl spare tire cover, you can wash it in the machine, but we do not recommend that as the covers can become loose and stretched after a few washes in the washing machine.

If you have a plastic jeep tire cover, you can use a mirror glaze to clean it. It is highly effective for cleaning soiled plastic surfaces and cleansing their pores. If your plastic cover has faded, you can easily paint it as well.

Apply a Protectant

When dirty water runs off the roof of your jeep, it can damage your spare tire cover. As the covers protect your spare tire from heat, UV rays, rain, and snow, you can protect the cover itself from these elements by applying a dressing over it. You can use protectant sprays for fabric covers, and VRP sprays for plastic and vinyl tire covers. These sprays not just protect and shield your tire cover but offer them a glossy final touch.

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