Bronco Explorer introduced in 1972

The Bronco Explorer trim package was first offered in 1972, the same year as the Ranger package. Like the Sport and Ranger, the Explorer was an appearance package only and didn’t involve any mechanical upgrades or performance parts. The Explorer was available in two color schemes; Blue Metallic and Copper Metallic.
In addition to the special exterior paint, the Explorer package included side body striping, hood striping and a spare tire carrier with vinyl EXPLORER tire cover. Matching interior appointments including door panels, vinyl seats with cloth inserts and floor mats. There many of these Broncos in Clubs
  • Bronco Explorer exteriors started with special paint; either Metallic Blue or Metallic Copper. Enhancing the paint was a stripe kit with dual triple stripes running down the body. They started at the rear of the rear quarter panel and ran up to just behind the front wheel opening on the front fender. The hood had a stripe to match. If you ordered the Metallic Blue the stripe was white. Metallic Copper Explorers could have either white or tan stripes. On the rear swing away spare tire was a special Bronco Explorer vinyl cover. The wheel covers were chrome.
  • Bronco Explorer interiors were color keyed to match the exterior paint. Metallic Blue exterior paint was matched with a blue interior. The seats were vinyl with cloth inserts with a multi-hue stripe pattern. Metallic Copper exterior paint had a tan interior with the same vinyl and cloth pattern. The color scheme continued with the interior door panels. The upper portion was a simulated burled wood pattern while the lower portion was pleated vinyl to match the paint color. The whole door panel was ringed with chrome trim. The dash was also color-keyed and featured an “EXPLORER” badge affixed to the glove box door. As seen in our photo gallery.
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